China, Europe, World

Through excellent cooperation in Kunming founded N.T.New Technologies Ltd. Future in Steel in November 2014. We are the first Joint Venture in the field of steel construction in southwest China and as a specialized steel construction company, we are in the area of advanced structural steel from here as international standards.

We develop and manufacture innovative in any desired extent. We consider complicated requests as a personal challenge. Acting as a general contractor, we work on schedule und reliable. Our project engineers develop customized solutions.


The company principles are basis for the motivated and professional teamĀ“s work:

We steelworkers from N.T. are

  • STRONG in industrial
  • CONVINCING in commercial
  • BRILLIANT at specific special constructions


Our experienced steel workers conscientiously produce every single individual steel construction project in our 12.000 square meter production hall, Annual per year 15.000 tons.With advanced equipment due to Germany's highly automated production line, modular production scale and optimized manufacturing processes we produce accurate and high quality steel products.